Pictures tell a story..

Today’s events, in pictures….









So yea…… He hates his crate, and he’s big enough to reach the top of the coffee table. Getting more and more interesting!!!!!


Chaos, Frenzy, and….. sleep.

I don’t have many new things to report. 

Everyday is fun and new, and always full of mayhem. Fawkes, again, has SO MUCH ENERGY. And he’s growing FAST. He has an appointment on Monday so we will see how much he’s gained since his first visit. I also notice he’s getting more spots!

Anyways, on with the story, and the chaos…. it all starts off as this sweet little muffin sleeping…. looking precious… Makes everything worth while…


And then….. he wakes up. From the time his little eyes open, he is in full force bat shit crazy ball of energy…..









And after about an hour, it’s this…



I have to admit, that even though it’s crazy, and he’s crazy.. I LOVE IT. He keeps me going. He prevents me from being lazy. 

I have to admit though, that I am excited for Chris to come back up and visit. I have told him that he will be responsible for getting up 2-3 times every night to take Fawkes out, and chase him around yelling NOOOOO!!!!! all day.. 🙂 

Until next time….



He cooked weird…

Me and Fawkes went up to pet smart today to pick up some new toys. He’s teething and he’s also losing interest in his toys quickly. Fawkes grabs A LOT of attention. Primarily because he’s so darn cute, but also because he’s so odd looking for a pit bull. The first thing people ask is what is he mixed with. Well, he’s not mixed with anything else, just 2 breeds of pit bull. He’s Gotti and Razors Edge breeds. But for whatever reason, he just looks weird.


Just look at those precious ears!! He will grow into them, but I just think they are the cutest things ever.


That’s him, getting settled into a car ride, favorite toy and of course, his blanky.

After much research, I’ve come to realize that all pups look different! Strangely, all the pups in the liter looked similar, the basic brown and white. Except Fawkes. He’s the only one in his liter that turned out like this… White and grey and black. That’s what won my heart though. I always go for the different and unique! His mommy was a brown razors edge, and his daddy was a white and grey Gotti. So, my response to those unbelieving and curious souls: he just cooked weird. 🙂


Puppy problems

I admit, I’m having a hard time potty training little Fawkes. When I’m sleeping, he will pee in the bed. I decided to crate train him, but as we all know, puppies make a lot of noise when they are crated, making it impossible to sleep. And I never minded a dog sleeping in the bed. But this is totally unacceptable. During the day while I’m at work, I put him in the little half bath. That’s not helping his ability to “hold” his pee, so I finally decided to go buy a crate. I bought a large one so he can grow into it, but realized its too large for a 5.8 pound pup. And I didn’t get a divider. I’m going to have to get creative!!!! Anyways, other than his inability to hold his pee, he’s been great. We are working on his biting. While it doesn’t hurt now, it will later. And again, I’m anxious to start socializing this little man!! He gets his first round of shots on the 21st. Until then, I’m careful of where I take him. I also think he misses Chris, so he’s sad a little. But none the less, I still don’t regret my decision to get this wee pup!!!


Also, I bought his very first shirt. I’m not too sure if he’s sure about this. Heh heh heh.


And he still hates being left alone, regardless of his large crate he can see out of. He sure does have a great pouty face!!


First road trip

I had to take Chris to Tallahassee so me him and the pup took a road trip. Fawkes does OK in the car, but it does take him a little of convincing. So we brought all his favorite toys and he settled right in.


Fairly uneventful weekend, he met the “grandparents” and enjoyed a new location. Until he completes his shots we are careful of where we take him, but I’m getting anxious to take him to dog parks and such.

On the way home, it was just me to deal with the little guy alone. It makes it easier when you have some help!! He slept most of the way, but the other moments he spent barking, growling and tearing his toys up.

Looking forward to the week ahead with my little man!!


The Terrorist.

Last night was pretty uneventful. He’s learned that if he starts whining that I move very swiftly and quickly to scoop him up and take him outside. Now, I believe this is his new game. After about 4 times of getting my exercise to prevent an accident, I realize that he’s playing with me. None the less, we had ZERO accidents last night, and he’s starting to show out.

This morning is a whole different story. It’s going to be a long day when It’s only 8:33am and I have a story to share. He started playing his new “game” last night while I was sleeping. 3 times I got up to let him out, and only once did he have to potty. VERY irritating. When it was time for me to get up and get ready for work, he’s had 100% battery recharge and is in full force. Running all over the place, grabbing everything he can in his mouth, growling, barking, tail wagging, chasing poor sleepy Pryde…… I left him to it while I got in the shower. When I get out, THIS is what I find:


That’s right, he’s taken clothes and strung them all over, gotten a couple shoes, dragged the curtain rod and curtain I haven’t hung yet, and a random hanger…. and he’s proud of his accomplishment for making a mess. Meanwhile, Pryde is on the bed, overseeing his artwork, looking curiously confused, as usual. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if he encouraged little Fawkes to do this. 🙂 Again I say…. TERRORIST!!!

Days 2 & 3: Warning Labels?

Day 2: Sunday

These puppy things should come with a warning label. Fawkes has SO MUCH ENERGY!!!

Now that Fawkes has gotten a little more acclimated to his new home and surroundings, he’s gotten braver, and 100% more energetic. Pryde has brushed him off, not really bothered by him. But when Fawkes starts cutting up and acting a fool, you will catch Pryde looking curiously confused peeping around a corner.

One thing that Pryde and Fawkes has in common is sleeping upside down. It’s actually kind of cute: 


After the little man’s nap, he’s a big giant ball of energy, resulting in his nickname “The Terrorist”. He leaps around, growls and barks at EVERYTHING he comes into contact. Mostly cute, but exhausting at the same time!!

Day 3: Monday

Today is Fawkes’ first day to the vet. He’s not too thrilled, and is too young to enjoy the attention. The doctor told us there is no way this puppy is 7 weeks, and is inclined to believe he actually 3-4 weeks old. WAY too young to be separated from mommy, and will for sure be a handful because of it. Also, with his young age, he’s still developing, and has a heart murmur. The doctor said he thinks this is a result of his still developing heart, and he should be cleared at his next visit. He weighed in at 5.8 pounds, though, meaning he’s sure to be a large dog.




After taking Fawkes to the vet, Chris and I decided to go to Publix and get some dinner things. I put Fawkes in the half bathroom, and put the gate up, and he starts crying, and we leave. We come back, and Fawkes has knocked the gate down, is running loose in the house like a crazy person, and has strung the toilet paper from the bathroom all over the place. TERRORIST.